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Our family-centered clients come to us with homes that are too small, lack personality, and are long outdated. They’re overwhelmed and they don’t know what options and solutions are possible or where to even begin.

They may not even fully realize how much the laundry list of grievances they have with their homes - like how dark their kitchen is, how nonfunctional their cabinetry is, how little storage they have, and how drab their spaces feel - are affecting their stress levels and their overall happiness and wellbeing. 

Our clients hire us to show them what's really possible for their homes and educate them on the realities of their big dreams and goals. With our expert guidance and streamlined process, we design intentional spaces for families to discover the joy of home.

What are you tolerating in your home?

Expert guidance. Streamlined processes. Mindblowing results. 

Adding strategic lighting plans to ensure your amazing home is LIT

Creating seating areas, thoughtful vignettes, and spots for easy entertaining

Using symmetry and asymmetry intentionally to create awesome focal points

Using every inch
of space to its


Optimizing storage and organization solutions

Planning sightlines thoughtfully from space to space

Creating a good flow from each area
and room

In addition to picking beautiful, timeless finishes, furnishings, and décor, here are some of the lesser-known areas of expertise we bring to every project:

Our full-service Spokane interior design studio focuses on delivering solutions that support and improve our clients’ lifestyles. We know just how to use the elements and principles of design to create spaces that are both attractive and functional. No matter the project, we optimize layouts, create great flow, thoughtfully plan storage solutions, and use every inch of space to its fullest. We creatively assess and curate all the many finer custom details and options to ensure every space feels top-notch. 

Running successful projects doesn't just require creativity, it also requires professional project management skills and great communication. We pride ourselves on our superior service - our killer design talent is just the icing on the cake!

Solution-Oriented Services

To get the best results out of any major project, it’s important that your first step is the design. We walk our Spokane interior design clients through every step of the design process from gathering ideas and inspiration to creating brand-new floor plans (which happens to be our love language!), and all the decisions and material selections in between.

Our full-service approach allows you to trust us with all the heavy lifting while you attend to your busy life. We intertwine our design process with construction and implementation as we help to coordinate bids and material procurement, then take care of project management during construction. We’ll even help you put together your construction team using our valuable network of contractors, subs, vendors, and tradespeople to carry out your project. 

From concept to completion, we become an extension of your family supporting you through the ebbs and flows of your design and construction projects. 

New Construction + Major Remodeling

Full-Service - Spokane + Surrounding Areas Only

Kitchens and bathrooms are at the heart of every home so we put them at the heart of our services. These spaces, more than any others, deserve the love and care of design experts to amplify their functionality and beauty. 

We customize this service to suit each of our discerning clients’ individual needs, partnering with them to transform these important spaces from the ground up. 

We pay special attention to every floor plan and create innovative layouts you never dreamed possible, making smart use of every square inch of space. We adorn these spaces with quality materials that are able to stand up to real-life living and that reflect your personal design style. 

We’ll challenge and encourage you to question the way you’ve always functioned in these spaces, presenting you with options, solutions, and ideas you never would have thought of on your own–but will never want to live without again!

Kitchen + Bathroom Design

Available In Spokane + Virtually

Whether you book this service as a standalone or in combination with any of our other services, we provide thoughtful research and feedback throughout the design. We use our signature style and design expertise to select family-friendly fabrics that also exude your personal taste.

Every project starts with a mood board to convey style intent. We then dive into layouts and floor plans to ensure each space functions at its best. 

Once a floor plan is decided on, we source furnishings that align with the overall vision and your preferences. We always advocate for durable finishes and quality pieces that can stand the test of time. When all furnishings are approved by you, we begin layering accessories into the design.

If the project is virtual, we provide you with a shopping list to purchase everything and implement it on your own.

If the project is local to us and you hired us to install we take care of all the purchasing and procurement for you. Once everything arrives, we bring it all to your home and style it to perfection with an exciting final reveal at the end! We love getting to see our clients' emotions overflow as the soul-soothing spaces they’ve long dreamed of come to fruition in their homes–and their hearts. 

Note: For most spaces, a minimum furnishings budget of $7,500 is required.

Furnishing + Decorating

Available In Spokane + Virtually

Intended for any space, but frequently used for kitchens and bathrooms, our Design-In-A-Day service is designed to meet DIYers where they need the most help with their construction projects as we design a space in collaboration together in just a day.

Upon booking, we send you homework to complete with deadlines prior to our collaboration session. We also do a little pre-prep work behind the scenes, so we can hit the ground running when we meet. At our scheduled Design - In-A-Day meeting, we’ll delve into every aspect of the project we can. These typically include defining your goals, budget, and style; creating floor plans; selecting materials; and crafting construction drawings and 3-D renderings.

We work through as much as we can in our time together and answer any and all questions along the way. The better prepared you are ahead of time, the better we can help guide you to the best materials and design plans for you and your space.

You’ll leave with actionable takeaways like floor plans and material selections, clear direction for moving forward, and resources to help you on your journey as you implement your project yourself. We are always available for further consulting services should you need more assistance after our meeting.

Design in a Day

Available In Spokane + Virtually

This service can be used in three ways:

First, we start every project off with a consultation to lay the groundwork for what needs to be done before starting a design package. We meet in your home and tackle things like reviewing material samples and inspiration images, taking measurements, discussing budgeting, possibly selecting paint colors, etc. Then, if you’re interested in a design package we’ll send you a proposal outlining the design scope. From there, we onboard you and launch into a full design project - woohoo! 

Second, we offer virtual or in-person consultations to provide professional design help for your DIY project. Whatever stage your project is in, we can jump in with specific guidance, solutions, and ideas.  

Third, if you’re already working with us on a project, you can add on hourly consulting time for us to help you with something outside the scope of the project.  

Whatever your design needs are, we're here for you!

Hourly  Consultations

Available In Spokane + Virtually

Pour their hearts and souls into your project as if it were their own, giving you the best care and guidance from start to finish. 

Advocate with contractors and vendors for your best interests every step of the way, ensuring your design is carried out according to plan and handling challenges and questions that arise on the job site. 

Partner with you on your project, acting as your own personal design guide, preventing you from making time-consuming and costly mistakes. 

We’re The Perfect Team For You If You Want Designers Who…

Planning dreams starts with setting realistic goals. We get to know you and understand your hopes and dreams for your room(s), including the feelings you want to achieve in them. We shed light on what it’s going to take to make it all happen, we help you priortize your must-haves and your nice-to-haves, and we arrive at an overall vision and budget with a clear direction on how to move forward. From there, we begin building a tailored design concept to accomplish your overall goals.

Programming & Concepts

phase one :

Either virtually or in person, or a combination of both, we’ll present you with our preliminary concepts including floor plans, color palettes, material, finish, and fabric selections, potential furnishings, etc. We communicate with you both verbally and visually to help you envision the design, walking you through our solutions and identifying together any areas in need of further development. We then open the floor for you to share your feedback and preferences.

Development & Refinement

phase two :

After our preliminary presentation meeting, we make any necessary reselections and ensure all design plans are detailed and ready for implementation. All documents and selections for your project are resubmitted for your approval before finalizing. 


phase three :

After all designs are finalized, we can either handle everything for you as we implement the design or just send your plans off to your general contractor to begin the construction process. Most projects include our assistance with project management and coordinating the delivery and installation of design elements, although some clients opt to DIY this phase. Depending on your project, our assistance could mean that we purchase all furnishings and accessories for your project and/or that we recommend and oversee tradespeople for fabricating custom work such as cabinetry and window treatments or for installing lighting, plumbing fixtures, and wallcoverings. From putting on our work boots and trekking through the construction site to placing the sofa in the right spot, the art on the walls, and the glasses in the bar, we’re here to help you see your project to the finish line!

Post Design Support & Implementation

phase four :

Our Process


Kristen P.

“Jasmine was a dream to work with – she listened to our every want and need and suggested things we would have never thought about! She knows when to push you outside your comfort zone and when not to. She made this whole home design/remodel experience fun and stress free! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear my husband utter “ooo, that is just so shiny and pretty” when referring to tile – Jasmine made that happen! Can’t recommend her enough – would not think twice about hiring her again in the future!”

"A dream to work with"

Primary suite remodel

Kelsey P.

"We had a fabulous experience working with Jasmine and her team on our primary bedroom and bathroom. From start to finish she was absolutely amazing helping us figure out our taste/style, come up with options for layout of the space, and selecting finishes, we are so happy! Exceedingly detail oriented, organized, and an all around pleasure to work with. Cannot recommend highly enough, such a good investment!"

"Such a good investment!"

virtual interior design

melissa m.

I was a bit apprehensive about hiring a designer because I always thought they were out of my league or they would design something that I just couldn’t live with. Boy, was I wrong. Jasmine listened to me and respected my ideas as the homeowner. What blew me away was seeing the renderings of what my rooms could be. I was hooked! Jasmine made it so easy and I am so happy I decided to use her to help me put my home together!

"Jasmine made it so easy"

bathroom remodel

Aana b.

I was simply amazed at the simplicity of the entire process! Jasmine spent time listening to my ideas, helped me refine my thoughts, and translated them into a beautiful design that encompassed everything I envisioned and that flowed with the rest of my home. Jasmine was extremely responsive and always professional and the final designs are beyond my expectations. I can’t wait to call on Jasmine and the Sage & Soul team again for future projects!

"She encompassed everything I envisioned"


kris w.

I've contemplated using an interior designer for quite a while, and after working with Jasmine of Sage & Soul, I wish I would've done it a LONG time ago! She really opened up my comfort zone to things I would've never considered if I were shopping on my own. The process was painless and she even used her design wizardry to make my style and my husband’s style work together! I HIGHLY recommend Sage +Soul!

"I wish I would've done it a LONG time ago"


Cindy F.

From our very first connection via email, Jasmine was kind, professional, and immediately put me at ease. Her entire process was simple and efficient. She challenged my thinking in the best ways with good questions and explaining why she made the recommendations she did. She took time to get to know me and my needs for the space, and packed so many great ideas, features, and finishes into the design. I can't wait to see the plan come to life and to working with Jasmine on future projects!

"Her entire process was simple & efficient"


Jeffrey d.

I haved worked with Sage & Soul Interiors on a few renovation projects, and each time the outcome has exceeded my expectations. Jasmine shows exquisite attention to detail and concern for my desired outcome. She goes above and beyond in ensuring that the end product meets my requirements and goals for the projects. She also has a keen design sense with an innate ability to reimagine any space. I also very much appreciated how she helped educate and inform during our initial consultations, so that I was prepared for each phase as we progressed through the projects. I highly recommend Jasmine and Sage & Soul!

"Exquisite attention to detail"

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