The spaces we design tell a story of happy, growing families, rooted in the cozy, safe sanctuary of home.

Whether you're a busy stay-at-home parent or a full-time professional, we want your home to support you as you impact the lives of those around you every day. 

We aim for more than just magazine-worthy designs. We consider everything we put in your home in light of how it will affect your daily routine, happiness, health, and well-being. 

We like to describe our designs as a happy medium between modern and traditional that also reflect each client’s unique, one-of-a-kind style. 

As major out-of-the-box thinkers and true business nerds, our creativity and professionalism are unparalleled. We love empowering our clients to make confident decisions about their design projects even as we guide them through every step of the process, working for their best interests alongside contractors and tradesmen as valued project team members.

We specialize in concept-to-completion remodels and new construction projects that include furnishing and decorating. To meet your individual design needs, we also offer Design-In-A-Day services, online interior design services, and hourly consultations.

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kris w.

I've contemplated using an interior designer for quite a while, and after working with Jasmine of Sage & Soul, I wish I would've done it a LONG time ago! She really opened up my comfort zone to things I would've never considered if I were shopping on my own. The process was painless and she even used her design wizardry to make my style and my husband’s style work together! I HIGHLY recommend Sage +Soul!

"I wish I would've done it a LONG time ago"

The mind behind Sage & Soul Interiors, Jasmine is passionate about designing interior environments that improve her client’s quality of life, giving them the foundation they need to accomplish what they set out to do and to truly thrive in a home that supports their soul.

In 2018, Jasmine was awarded the National Student Design Competition’s 1st place for her kitchen design in a Habitat for Humanity home. She graduated with an AAS degree in interior design at the top of her class and went on to gain vital experience working in a Spokane interior design firm. 

She founded what is now Sage & Soul Interiors (formerly Social Soul Studio) with the goal of building authentic relationships with her clients, many of whom have since dubbed her their “designer For life.” A problem-solving perfectionist, she jokes that floor plans and 3D renderings are her love language.  
Known for her knack for reflecting each client’s personal style in the spaces she creates for them, Jasmine’s designs usually lean toward the contemporary, featuring a blend of transitional and modern elements. She loves combining earthy color palettes with fun patterns and textures for interest and is an expert at thoughtfully layering materials and organic elements. Whatever the style, the spaces she creates are always family-friendly and highly functional. 

Recently named one of NKBA’s 30 Under 30 Outstanding Young Professionals, Jasmine is one to watch when it comes to innovation and progress in the interior design industry, unparalleled attention to detail, and a distinctive eye for style.
A true homebody, Jasmine spends her non-working hours spending time with her young children, cleaning, tackling home projects, and dreaming up more ways to help those around her find happiness and success.

Founder, + Principal designer

Jasmine Galle


Embracing her passion for boundless creativity, Anda seamlessly found her way to us! With a diverse skillset in business management, Anda fuels the continuous evolution of S&S. She's a dynamic, fun-loving team player unafraid to stand out, and she acts as the glue that keeps us organized and coordinated. Within our team, you'll find her orchestrating systems and procedures, working hand in hand with Jasmine expanding and refining business operations. Beyond work, she’s dedicated to her health and fitness, enjoys beach activities and photography, and finds solace diving into fiction books and exploring the world with her loved ones.

Operations Coordinator

Anda Almaraz

Associate Interior Designer

Alyssa Johnson

Jessamyne brings a harmonious blend of organization, dedication, and creative flair to S&S. With a degree in Interior Design and Professional Services, she has embraced various roles within the design industry, granting her unparalleled insights into the creative design process. She has a genuine passion for design principles, and a keen understanding of furniture dynamics and material science. These qualities demonstrate her ability to bring a well-rounded perspective to our design projects. Beyond design, Jessamyne thrives as a fashionista enthusiast with an eye for antiques, savoring good food, and embracing the great outdoors.

Associate Interior Designer

Jessamyne Campbell

Down-to-earth and kind, passionate and creative, Alyssa brings a fresh perspective on design plus exquisite taste in materials and finishes to S&S. She first discovered her interest in interior design while designing her own home from the floor up and went on to earn an AAS in Interior Design. Along with her design duties, Alyssa also helps us keep communication streamlined and uses her eagle-eyed attention to detail to ensure the accuracy of project specifications. When not working, Alyssa loves traveling with her family, deepening her design knowledge, and seeking creative inspiration everywhere she goes.

With a diverse skill set and unwavering dedication, Colton excels in boosting our online presence, ensuring our projects reach a broader and more engaged audience. While his background may not be in interior design, his fresh and unique perspective, along with his logical thinking, is invaluable in shaping our online image. Under his leadership, our design concepts truly shine in the digital landscape. Off the clock, he's a passionate sports enthusiast, particularly a devoted Broncos fan, and he loves spending quality time outdoors with his family, engaging in activities like hiking and camping.

Social media marketing Manager

Colton Galle

That as an eclectic team of creative humans, we can bring a unique company culture to the world of interior design.

That collaboration makes the world a better place to live.

In leading with empathy in order to serve our clients on a deeper level. 

That form and function should always go hand-in-hand.

In fostering our clients’ happiness and wellness with our designs.

In giving our clients an open invitation to express their ideas and to challenge ours with no hard feelings. 

We believe...

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Prioritizing Health + Well-Being

Fostering Collaboration + Harmony

Exhibiting Unparalleled Professionalism

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